anhedonia year

by broad shoulders

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compilation of songs from "displeasure," "lord i'm bored," and "brick road"


released September 3, 2016

preformed by jackson and sam
written by jackson, ross, and ben
all songs except "thinking about the circumstances" and "get an angle on things" which were recorded by pablo cabrera at analogue approach, recorded in jackson's basement
mixed and mastered by pablo cabrera
cover photo by nick



all rights reserved


broad shoulders Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: get an angle on things
just take a look in my eye
i just died inside
i’m beautiful

a hand stuck inside of a tree
beautiful lethargy
you’re always full

another day turns into a week
sick sheltered teeth
i’ll come sometime

broken thumbs in your eye
you put them there
you’re beautiful


a great big tandem love
another pained heart
so easily replaced

another day in my car
alone; spitting in a jar
i’m so bored

another great tree fell on me
that was in my dream
it felt so right

a paper stick in my mouth
a different one in yours
you have no need to blow out

Track Name: good friday
take a heart attack
it's something i'd look back
i’d probably laugh
if it happened to myself
“we can't just go get dinner
and turn the pages of our lives”
and before i left
i started up my car
didn't open the door
to my garage
i thought about
just sitting there
breathing in the smoke
but i felt bad
that you'd wait there
Track Name: explain (like a man)
someone bring me water
its cold and i’m bored and my eyes hurt

everyone is wrong
and no one talks

someone bring me fire
its hot and i’m awake and my arms hurt
can you feel love so soon?
and why would you give voice to it?
Track Name: summer head
i’ve always been jealous
of how fast you fall asleep
and i hate the things that i
think about before i faint
what would i do when i dream?
what can i do to forget everything?

are you surprised?
are you angry?
don’t owe anyone anything
owe myself everything

i fell asleep picking my brothers up from work
i crept in the backseat and napped for a little while
that was the first i slept in 3 days
cutting my ??? helped me ease
Track Name: thinking about the circumstances
XP came here
when you’re running down my neck
i’m remembering, “____!” my legs left
and now i gotta figure out how to drive home
i need to get gas and i spilled it on myself
“everything is all right?”
“yeah just one of those days”
i feel like burning
you told me so did you
in a sense
i replied, and you didn't get the message
a secret
oh no “don’t tell her she won’t care”
Track Name: i did this on purpose
i let you hold my face
and my head’s on your chest
i am no one’s someone
and you hold both my hands
and rub the blood off


both my hands shake
but i’m not cold
but hold me anyways
keep me awake
so i can look at your face
Track Name: new god
will this feeling of inadequacy ever leave?
am i real or is anything i feel?
i can go to sleep but i’d miss out on tv
wasn't a surprise it turned out this way
didn't expect it to hurt this way
i looked down; the sky brushed up on my face
i won’t speak; everyone’s heard it before
nothing i feel is real or matters
it’s been felt before and it doesn’t matter