by broad shoulders

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compilation of everything that didn't get redone on "anhedonia year," and wasn't on "brick road"


released August 5, 2016

jackson, ben, jt
cover photo by kyle



all rights reserved


broad shoulders Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: think only of yourself
i met a ghost and we went out on friday
she looked through and asked for my leftover pills

“are you still here?”
“yeah weren’t you here?”
“remember to smile.
remember i’m here.”

i know where you’ve been
and everything could be nice
i'm used to being dropped for acid by friends

“are you ok? im worried about you.”
“i’m fine i just like to go out and party.”
Track Name: skate to school
i'm here thinking
about all my friends
still reaching
for a breath
and before we leave
what will they think?

i've been thinking
about my friends
still reaching
for another drink
what will they think?
what will they think?

i've been thinking of my friends
we’re reaching for
but we havent gone yet
Track Name: josh, imagine a spider as big as your ignorance
the happier that i get the more that i reflect
and when i'm sitting down i see how far i've come
chris traeger won't you help me out?
i get myself so bummed out
i get myself bummed out
and weird spots float around my eye
i ground them up and take the sun
i wish the sun shone when we met
but i remember it wouldn't have made a difference
Track Name: ill body
my thoughts and my reasons
my body and my functions
i never even needed anything
i never need anything
i never ask for anything
i apologize for everything
everything i can’t control
everything i want to

so bad that hell won’t even take me
so hateful i was turned away

nothing in my body works
all bodies don't work
no one ever lived forever
no one would want to live forever
our bodies shouldn't live forever
new bodies can live forever

so bad that hell won’t even take me
so hateful i was turned away