brick road

by broad shoulders

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"Some of what I hear by Accept Us feels rough and ad lib and some like flushed out blends of alternative folk, psych rock and shoe gaze. Some of it sounds like a mess and some of it is so mysteriously beautiful. I just want to know what these boys are smoking."


released April 10, 2016

jackson, ross, ben
cover photo by walter



all rights reserved


broad shoulders Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: get an angle on things
just take a look in my eye
i just died inside
i’m beautiful

a hand stuck inside of a tree
beautiful lethargy
you’re always full

another day turns into a week
sick sheltered teeth
i’ll come sometime

broken thumbs in your eye
you put them there
you’re beautiful


a great big tandem love
another pained heart
so easily replaced

another day in my car
alone; spitting in a jar
i’m so bored

another great tree fell on me
that was in my dream
it felt so right

a paper stick in my mouth
a different one in yours
you have no need to blow out

Track Name: figure out the length of things
don’t take this the wrong way man
who’d wanna live on this earth again?
i’d rather see everyone i love once or twice
knowing me i’d run into traffic daily

at 18 i feel i learned everything
and my cockiness assures me of this thing

and if the church is burnt down
rotting forever is still preferable
who’d wanna live on this earth again?
who’d wanna live this drag, my man?

i wouldn’t mind seeing those i’ve loved (and love)
but i think she’d make a better ghost than any animal or insect
Track Name: explain (like a man)
someone bring me water
its cold and i’m bored and my eyes hurt

everyone's wrong
and no one talks
no one will talk

someone bring me fire
its hot and i’m awake and my arms hurt
can you feel love so soon?
and why would you give voice to it?

Track Name: sizing up the situation
made plans
with my old friend
he puts tablets
on his tongue
bloody fingers
got an iv
more interesting
than me

stay in
in bed
can’t sleep
sleep in
all day
drink coffee
take nyquil
toss and turn

i get no calls
Track Name: waste
still strung up
i’m still asleep
there’s less of me to love
and no one to fill me up

i don’t think i wasted time
i grew out my hair
i take myself seriously
i do everything for me